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10 scholarships for 10 young talents

Pubblicato il 12 February 2018

GARR is delighted to offer, this year, 10 scholarships dedicated to Orio Carlini.

These scholarships, of the amount of 19.000 Euro each and the duration of 12 months, are offered to young talents who are keen on networking and ICTs and who would like to present a research project on the application of innovative technologies for the development of digital infrastructures and their services in multidisciplinary contexts.

The research projects can be carried out either at GARR headquarters in Rome or in one of the several institutions connected to the Italian network of research and education. International students are also eligible to apply to this opportunity, provided they fullfil the selection criteria and have full proficiency of Italian and a good level of English. Deadline for applications is 30 March 2018.

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