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GARR scholarship holders introduce their research

Pubblicato il 28 November 2018

15 young researchers, including the 10 winners of the 2018 call for the "Orio Carlini" scholarships, and those who had their scholarship prolonged for a research activity started with the previous call, will present their projects on next 6 December, at the seventh "scholarship day", to be held at GARR headquarters in Rome.

The research projects range a number of "hot" topics for the research and education community and propose innovative approaches. Among the tackled topics it is worth mentioning: SDN and virtualisation, cloud SaaS and PaaS services for R&E, data mining, semantic web, cybersecurity, wireless communications, sensor networks, Big data, deep learning, collaborative and distant learning.

The event will be broadcasted via streaming.

At their seventh edition, the GARR scholarships are named after Orio CarliniProf. Orio Carlini, in remebrance of the key role played in the creation and evolution of the Italian Research and Education network. The scholarships are intended to support the research of young talents who work on themes related to digital infrastructures and their interdisciplinary usage. To learn more about GARR scholarship holders and the success stories of previous years, visit the #BorsistiGARR webpage (

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