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Industry 4.0 The president of Consortium GARR appointed president of Sidra

The president of Consortium GARR and rector of the Università Politecnica delle Marche, Sauro Longhi, was appointed president of Sidra, the company promoting the development of industry 4.0.

The appointment took place during the Sidra conference, which was attended by directors of the academic world, CNR and other Italian research organizations to discuss of automation and its applications, such as robotics, artificial intelligence and big data engineering.

During the conference a round table discussion, promoted by the rector Sauro Longhi ,took place with the participation of the president of CRUI (Conference of Rectors) Gaetano Manfredi, the president of Cun (National University Council) Antonio Vicino and the director of Avour, (national agency to assess the university and researc system), Daniele Livon. Topics as the central role of the students, the need for resources and the new challenges for the Universities were discussed. According to the rector Sauro Longhi: "Only if we give more and more space to research, we can we really make a change in the country".

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