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A self-paced course on cybersecurity for schools

The European project Up2University (Up2U) has launched a self-paced course on cybersecurity specially designed for teachers, schools IT technicians and students.

This self-paced course is divided into two parts (Beginner and Advanced) and, at the end of each part, an Open Badge is issued in order to attest the skills acquired. The course focuses on the following topics: Backup, Update, Firewall, Security Policy, Network Hardening, System Hardening and Risk Management.

In addition to the course material, several documents are also made available on the course web page, such as templates for the Acceptable Use Policy and for the Privacy Policy, as well as guidelines on school cybersecurity, on digital identities, on the use of OER (Open Educational Resources) and some advice on how to be GDPR-compliant when dealing with personal data.

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