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Up2U Project

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Alongside higher education: a next-generation digital learning environment.

The Up2U project aims to define what kind of barriers prevent university students from succeeding in higher education.

To prepare students for university, we need to start in secondary schools.

In order to face the academic year, students must already have advanced digital skills.

Do they have all the latest technological gadgets? Sure! Do they know how to use it correctly? Probably. Are they aware of how to take advantage of these devices? Well, we need to know.

What is the Up2U project?

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GARR presents the Italian pilot of the project

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Up2U offers the tools to revolutionize the teaching method and motivates students to benefit from the latest technologies for learning by providing a specific Next Generation Digital Learning Environment (NGDLE), an environment that integrates formal and informal learning spaces for secondary school students and those for professors who wish to develop and improve their teaching skills up to university standards.
With a modular, scalable and portable architecture to allow everyone to use and based on open technology and standard protocols, an ecosystem complying with the most recent GDPR standards

Up2U is a 36-month long project with a € 5 million loan launched in January 2017. The project is coordinated by GÉANT and brings together 18 partners from 12 countries across Europe, including NREN, traditional and open universities, infrastructure providers and business partners

In addition to GARR, Sapienza Università di Roma participates in the project for Italy

Useful resources for schools

Digital at school? Yes, but safely! Here are some guidelines dedicated to schools to exploit the resources of the network and the Up2U project in complete safety

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