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Home working: how to stay safe online

Pubblicato il 24 April 2020

In these days in which most organizations have switched to home working, it is important not to loose sight of cybersecurity.

While in normal circumstances the IT support service helps organisations adopting the best protection measures, in times of full remote work we all need to be more responsible for our online activities both for our own sake and to avoid breaching our organisations security.

For this reason, CERT, the team taking care of GARR cybersecurity, has listed 10 useful tips to follow in order to work securely also from home.

  •  Update your software

    Remember to constantly update your operating systems and software at the latest version;

  •  Install an antivirus

    Use an antivirus, for example the one supported by your organisation, and keep it updated;

  •  Use the right VPN

    Use only the VPN (Virtual Private Network) provided by your organisation;

  •  Verify your sources

    Do not install software from unofficial sources;

  •  Beware of suspicious e-mails

    Never download attachments or click on links received in email from unknown senders. Especially during emergencies, malicious campaigns tend to increase their attacks;

  •  Lock it!

    Always include a PIN code or a password in a videoconference, both for meetings and for lessons or exams. Protect access to your PC with a password when you walk away;

  •  Keep your confidential data private

    Pay attention to sharing screenshots, pictures or information related to your work or location on social networks;

  •  Use separate devices

    Try to keep your work environment separate from your personal one. Use different devices if possible;

  •  Protect your WI-FI

    Configure the home Wi-Fi network with a password;

  •  Always log out

    Always log out of programs, VPN and work platforms when you end your work session