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100 Gbps for Mix and Namex IXPs

Pubblicato il 29 September 2020

GARR connectivity with Mix and Namex, the main Italian Internet Exchanges (IXP), was enhanced with two new 100 Gbps links.

As demonstrated in recent months, the GARR network has easily supported the increase in upload traffic due in particular to the conduct of distance learning in universities.

In view of the resumption of lessons, in order to anticipate any further growth in traffic, GARR has taken steps to strengthen the connection of the two exchange points that enable the good functioning of the Internet, thanks to the interconnection between the main operators.

GARR is the first network, with the exception of large content providers, to activate a link at 100 Gbps with Namex, while it is among the top twenty providers by capacity at Mix. The peering traffic recorded by GARR network in the first 8 months of 2020 was 17.7 PB towards the Mix (+14% compared to the same period of the previous year) and 15.6 PB towards Namex (+ 30%).

Mix and Namex, the two IXPs are located in Milan and Rome respectively, have seen a significant increase in traffic in recent months, particularly during the lockdown period. The change was both in quantitative terms, up to 70% more data exchanged, and in terms of hourly distribution. If previsously the peak traffic was recorded around 10pm and was mostly determined by video streaming or online gaming, now the peak is spread over the whole day as a result of a higher Internet use for business purposes.

Another news is the direction of traffic: the network is no longer used to download content but also to produce it, as shown in particular by the traffic graph recorded by Namex.

traffic graph recorded by Namex