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Pubblicato il 28 April 2021 is online: the Italian website dedicated to the new framework program of the European Union for research and innovation 2021 - 2027.

Information and documents are available, together with updates in real time and useful contacts to know and participate in calls, as well as the first complete guide to Horizon Europe to learn more what it is, what it finances and how to participate

Hosted on the new website of the APRE - Agency for the Promotion of European Research, the channel dedicated to Horizon Europe represents a direct and a simple access to technical information and real-time updates from the thematic teams providing in APRE free assistance on tenders of the Framework Program.

Already available on the APRE website and completely free also the publication “Horizon Europe - The Guide. What it is, what it finances, how to participate ", with the introduction by Cristina Messa, Minister of University and Research. A compass for researchers and innovators, but also for those approaching the world of European research and innovation for the first time. The Guide explores the themes of the Framework Program, the challenges, the technical steps, what to do and how, the actions, the objectives.

APRE - Agency for the Promotion of European Research promotes Italian participation in the European Union Research and Innovation Framework Program, through information services, assistance, training to the public. Host body of the National Contact Points - NCP of the Horizon Europe framework program, APRE is an association made up of more than 140 members among the main R&I players in Italy.

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