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The 2020 GARR annual report is now online

Pubblicato il 07 September 2021

For GARR and its community, 2020 was a decisive year, marked by many changes due to the technological evolution for the new generation and new services and by the pandemic situation.

A reorganisation of internal processes ensured the operational continuity of the entire national infrastructure and of the technical, application and administrative services that manage it. In this way, GARR supported the university and research community in the challenge of continuing to do research and education activities in full swing despite the restrictive measures to fight the pandemic.

At the same time, 2020 represented an essential step for the evolution of the network, through technological scouting and analysis of the requirements for the design and construction of the new GARR-T infrastructure.

Among the services, a special mention is reserved to videoconferencing tools, for which the offer has been expanded by providing various platforms to help dealing with the COVID-19 emergency. The projects and resources used on the GARR cloud platform have continued to increase, making it necessary to study the evolution of the infrastructure built in the second half of the year.

So, despite all difficulties, in 2020 the network has grown and many more services have been made available for the Italian education and research community.

Enjoy the reading!

Annual Report GARR 2020