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Registrations for the GARR Conference 2022 are now open

Pubblicato il 13 April 2022

Registrations are now open for the GARR Conference, that is taking place from 18 to 20 May in the Engineering Department of the University of Palermo.

The GARR annual Conference it the annual event dedicated to networking professionals and teachers, researchers and students who use the network and digital services for their daily activities and this year will be back in face-to-face format after 2 years from the pandemic outburst.

The program is very rich with sessions mixing disciplines in order to encourage cross-pollination and collaborations. The theme of this edition, CondiVisioni (shared visions), highlights this peculiarity of the network that unites and guides towards a common future for the world of research and education.

There are many prominent names among the speakers: the Rector of the University of Palermo, Massimo Midiri, together with GARR president, Sauro Longhi, will open the conference on Wednesday 18 May.

18 May

On the first day, the future of the network and the cloud will be discussed with Massimo Carboni, GARR CTO , and Marco Aldinucci, professor of the Computer Science department at the University of Turin, and the development scenarios of research infrastructures will be addressed with the speech by Stefano Vaccari, general manager of CREA.

19 May

Thursday 19 May the main speeches are all female: Michela Milano, professor of Artificial Intelligence at the University of Bologna, Valeria Rossi, executive president of Open Hub Med the Internet Exchange with a strategic role in the Mediterranean, Sofia Pescarin, CNR researcher and expert in virtual reality and interactive design applied to cultural heritage and Dianora Bardi, president of the ImparaDigitale Study Center and expert in digital innovation in teaching.

20 May

On Friday 20 May there will be space for sharing data in research with the intervention of Roberto Di Giulio, architect and professor at the University of Ferrara who will present the main common European challenges for the enhancement of cultural heritage. The session on cybersecurity with host Roberto Baldoni, Director General of the National Cybersecurity Agency which will address the delicate issue of the contrast between the need for actions and technologies to protect data and research infrastructures and the need to guarantee open access to data and knowledge sharing essential for research activities.

The event will also be broadcast in streaming on and on the social channels of the GARR Network.


In the days leading up to the conference, training opportunities will be the protagonist, with face-to-face courses dedicated to the research and education community.

The course "Telling the data" will be held on Tuesday 16 May with professor Vincenzo Baraniello of the University of Rome Tor Vergata where he deals with web-based systems, mediated communication, e-learning and information architecture.

Two training opportunities are planned for Wednesday 17 May. In the morning there will be the course "GDPR and surroundings: data protection in scientific research" with Raffaele Conte, DPO of the CNR, who will illustrate the main concepts, introduced by the GDPR and related regulations (national legislation and soft law), focusing on practical applications in terms of personal data protection, in the context of scientific and technological research.In the afternoon, cybersecurity will be discussed with the "Cyber Threats" course held by Michele Pinassi, Head of Cybersecurity at the University of Siena, with the aim of describing the current scenario of cyber attacks, with practical examples and reflections on the consequences of themselves (such as the data breach or the reputational damage).

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