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The Vesuvian Observatory connected to the GARR network

Pubblicato il 25 May 2022

The connection of the Vesuvian Observatory, historic headquarters of the INGV, to the GARR network is now operational.

This link’s implementation is of great scientific and strategic value, because the Observatory is located in an area on the Colle del Salvatore, 608 meters above sea level, that can only be reached from the road that leads from Herculaneum to the crater of Vesuvius.

Founded in 1841 by the will of the King of the Two Sicilies, Ferdinand II of Bourbon, the Vesuvian Observatory was the first volcanological observatory in the world, and nowadays it still plays a key role in monitoring the Vesuvius, an area with a high population density today.

The new fiber optic link of the site in Haerculanum will allow for the extension of the Vesuvius multi-parameter monitoring activities and is a substantial step forward in terms of reliability and efficiency.

The observatory's elevated location on the side of the volcano is also strategic for collecting monitoring data from other observation points in the area, from Campi Flegrei to Ischia. The new link will provide a double connection for the institute to the national research backbone and a new communication channel free from the interference typical of over-the-air channels, thus ensuring the observatory’s operational continuity, as well as its independence - from the point of view of connectivity - from the operational headquarters of the OV in Naples.

“One of GARR's key objectives is to offer all researchers the best conditions for performing their research, regardless of the location” comments Claudia Battista, coordinator of the Network Department and deputy director at GARR. "Inaugurating this link today makes us especially happy, being the result of significant work and investments, and a glaring demonstration of the value and uniqueness of the Italian research network, as no telco would have been interested to make it happen".

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