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Fabio Farina elected to the GÉANT Project Planning Committee

Pubblicato il 11 April 2023

The GÉANT General Assembly has recently renewed the composition of the GÉANT Project Planning Committee (GPPC), the body of NREN representatives which oversees and guides the planning and submission of proposals that the GÉANT Association engages in.

Among the eleven members of the Committee, there is also Fabio Farina, Chief DevOps Architect for GARR, who succeeds Mauro Campanella, GARR International R&D Coordinator, who has held the position for the previous 3 years.

PhD in Computer Science, Fabio Farina, currently coordinates the GARR DevOps team within its Infrastructure Department, whose focus is the automation of the new GARR-T network and the development of new top-of-the-network application services for the GARR community. His skills range from DevOps and project management methodologies to technical expertise in virtualisation, cloud, orchestration and automation.

“It is an honour to play such a challenging role”, said Fabio Farina. “Being part of the governing body of the GÉANT projects and being, in this context, GARR’s spokesperson is a new and very demanding experience. I am grateful for the wide support received for my candidacy (proposed by the Hungarian national network KIFU and supported by the German DFN) and I would like to thank Mauro Campanella for the work he has done over the years, contributing with his great experience".

Matthew Dovey of the English network Jisc was elected chair of the GÉANT Project Planning Committee. The other members of the Committee are Matthew Scott (GÉANT), George Konnis (CYNET, Cyprus), Ramaz Kvatadze (GRENA, Georgia), Leonie Schäfer (DFN, Germany), Bartosz Belter (PSNC, Poland), Jan Meijer (Sikt, Norway ), Kostas Koumantaros (GRNET, Greece), Harold Teunissen (SURF, Netherlands), Tryfon Chiotis (GÉANT), Bridget Hannigan (GÉANT).

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