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Certificate management: training courses on the ACME protocol

Pubblicato il 13 September 2023

GARR offers a new training opportunity on the ACME protocol dedicated to all those in the GARR CS community who manage SSL certificate renewals. Certificate renewals occur with increasingly frequent deadlines, and the ACME protocol is a valid ally.

The course is aimed at all administrators of the GARR CS community with the credentials for the Sectigo SCM. Its goal is to give participants the capacity to exploit the potential of automated certificate management through the ACME protocol.

This online course, in Italian, is 1.5 hr long and includes many practical activities. For this reason, there is only a limited number of places available. To ensure the participation of as many people as possible, the course will be repeated approximately on a monthly basis.

The first date is Thursday 28 September at 10.30 am.

For further information and to receive updates on the course, please refer to Learning GARR.