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Open the call for proposals for the Network Performing Arts Production Workshop 2024

Pubblicato il 17 April 2024

The next edition of the Network Performing Arts Production Workshop 2024 (NPAPW24) will take place in Lithuania, at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (LMTA), from September 11th to 13th, 2024.

NPAPW24 aims to explore the use of advanced network technologies for teaching, research, and remote artistic performance production, with the goal of bringing together an international community of engineers, network professionals, and artists who share a common interest in the new applications of advanced networks in the performing arts.

The event, organized by Internet2 and GÉANT in collaboration with New World Symphony, GARR, and other European national research and education networks, is held annually in a different city, alternating between Europe and the United States.

Until April 30th, a call for proposals is open to collect contributions from the community. In this edition, proposals for articles, demos, presentations, installations, and multi-site performances exploring the use of advanced networks and interactive technologies for the production, education, research, and performance of the performing arts are of particular interest, in collaboration with partners from around the world.

The invitation is extended to artists, composers, educators, researchers, technology developers, producers of cultural videos, entertainment industry professionals, and all those interested in using interactive technologies on high-performance networks.

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Registrations for the event will open shortly, and more information about the program will be available on the event website: