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Photos of GARR Conference 2017

Pubblicato il 15 November 2017

The GARR 2017 Conference was held in Venice between 15 and 17 November 2017, at Ca' Foscari University.

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Photos by Edoardo Angelucci

A DSC3120
A DSC2967
A DSC3108
A DSC2970
A DSC2995
A DSC3111
A DSC2973
A DSC3016-Modifica
A DSC2599
A DSC2968
A DSC3010
A DSC2616-Modifica-5
A DSC2610
A DSC2568
A DSC2598
A DSC2633
A DSC3127
A DSC2994
A DSC2576
A DSC3213
A DSC3131
A DSC2958
A DSC3188
A DSC2622