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Annual Report - Network and access services

List of graphs for network and access services

NOC: faults and maintenance

The graph shows the number of tickets (faults and scheduled maintenance) managed by the NOC (Network Operations Centre).

SCARR: vulnerability scans

The graph shows the number of vulnerability scans performed with the SCARR service.

CERT: security tickets handled

The graph shows the security tickets handled by GARR CERT.
GARR CERT assists users in managing network security incidents and in implementing measures aimed at their prevention.

NIC & LIR: Registered domains and new networks allocated

The graph shows the number of interventions made on .it and .eu domain names and the number of IPv4 and IPv6 networks assigned to entities in the GARR network.

IDEM: Joining to Federation

The graph shows the number of organisations that joined the IDEM federation. Institutions connected to the GARR network can join the IDEM federation as members. Third parties and other organizations can join as partners, to provide own services to the federation members. The graph shows also the trend of registration of Identity Provider and Service Provider.

eduroam: Wi-Fi access in roaming via eduroam

The graph shows the number of successful authentications from Italian users roaming on the national and foreign territory.

eduroam: connected devices in roaming in Italy

The graph shows the percentage of devices connected while roaming in Italy.

CS: Released digital certificates

GARR Certification Service issues free personal and server digital certificates to the Research & Education community.
The graph shows the trend in the number of digital certificates issued.

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The information contained in this document is taken from the "2021 Final Budget" and from the Report on the activity carried out and results achieved 2021 approved by the GARR Shareholders' Meeting in May 2022.

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