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Annual Report - Network and access services

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NOC: faults and maintenance

The functioning of the network infrastructure is ensured by the GARR NOC (Network Operations Centre).
The number of tickets managed by the NOC in 2020 was 1,390, of which 1,027 related to malfunctions on the network and 363 to scheduled and extraordinary maintenance.

CERT: security tickets handled

GARR CERT assists users in managing network security incidents and in implementing measures aimed at their prevention.CERT directly handled 2,493 incidents, one third fewer than in 2019.

CERT: type of security tickets handled

Automatic reports, relating to configuration errors of external services, to malware infections or the presence of IPs on known botnets, have now increased by about 10% every year since 2016, due to the expansion of the types of reports. DoS attacks have the greatest impact on the network and represent 10% of total attacks.

NIC & LIR: Registered domains and new networks allocated

The GARR NIC service, dedicated to the registration of domain names, in 2020 managed 179 requests (.it and .eu) between new domains and domain names to be transferred from commercial providers. During 2020, the total number of requests for domain name registrations under the ccTLD ".it" was 92, while, in relation to the requests for domain names “.eu”, the total number was 87.
39 IPv4 classes and 2 IPv6 classes were allocated, to both already connected organisations requesting more space, and to new ones, in particular schools that requested to connect to the GARR network during 2020.

IDEM: Joining to Federation

2020 marked an important milestone in relation to the diffusion of IDEM in the public universities thanks to the membership of three important Italian universities: The University of Milan, The Sapienza University and The Polytechnic University of Turin. At the end of the year the total number of Identity Providers was 113 (7 more than the previous year), while the Service Providers were 115.

eduroam: Wi-Fi access in roaming via eduroam

In 2020, 4 new organisations joined the Italian eduroam Federation, bringing the total number of members to 219 of which 190 are active.
The pandemic has drastically reduced the total number of authentications as a result of the reduced mobility of people: the total number of successfully authentications was approximately 61 million among Italian users, roaming at institutions other than their own organisation, and international users in Italy.

eduroam: connected devices in roaming in Italy

The graph shows the percentage of devices connected while roaming in Italy. 64% of the devices are owned by international users visiting Italian institutions.

CS: Released digital certificates

GARR Certification Service issues free personal and server digital certificates to the Research & Education community.
In 2020, 130 GARR-connected institutions joined the new TCS service and requested 1,380 personal certificates, 5,281 server certificates, 3 certificates for software signature.

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The information contained in this document is taken from the "2020 Final Budget" and from the Report on the activity carried out and results achieved 2020 approved by the GARR Shareholders' Meeting in May 2021.

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