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Staff gender

In 2020 GARR staff includes 66 employees. In terms of gender, GARR staff is composed of 32% women and 68% men.

Staff age

The average age of GARR personnel is 43. In particular, 58% are composed by employees aged between 41 and 50, while 24% are between the ages of 25 and 40. Overall, 71% of GARR personnel hold a university, PHD or master's degree.

Type of activity

About 65% of staff are dedicated to the technical activities directly related to GARR mission, while the remaining 35% are involved in secretariat, administration, communication, web and multimedia activities. R&D is structured as a cross-cutting activity, tapping into the personnel of all GARR departments and services. For this year the effort for such activities can be quantified in about 15 FTE.

Mission related activity

Considering the technical mission-related activities, 41% of staff are employed in the management, engineering and planning of the network, while about 14% is dedicated to system support and network planning & user support activities and about 11% are dedicated to the development and maintenance of the cloud platform.

Contract type

60 GARR employees have permanent contracts (5 on a part-time schedule) and 6 hold temporary positions. 7 additional staff units belong to GARR Members and 5 work with GARR on temporary assignments.

Staff: gross annual salary

On the average, the employees’ yearly gross salary was 41k € in 2020, but it varies according to the professional profile and seniority.

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The information contained in this document is taken from the "2020 Final Budget" and from the Report on the activity carried out and results achieved 2020 approved by the GARR Shareholders' Meeting in May 2021.

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