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Workshop GARR 2019

Since the beginning of GARR history, this technical workshop has been an important meeting for experts in networking in the research and education community: an opportunity to receive professional updates and discuss about the trend topics of this domain.

This year, the programme will focus on Software Defined Networks, on the current developments both on the European backbone GÉANT and on other research networks as well as on telcos and on the changes that these innovations will bring for the R&E organisations’ campus network. We will also talk about cloud, apps and micro-services and how their constant growth is changing the role of infrastructure and network experts. Finally, there will be space dedicated to the themes of digital identity and cybersecurity two of the main pillars of GARR infrastructure.

As always, in the spirit that characterises GARR where knowledge sharing as well as the development of skills are of the paramount importance, on 7 October the workshop will be anticipated by training classes on some of the most interesting themes for the community.

GARR Workshop 2019

University of Roma TRE

08-10 OCTOBER 2019, Rome


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