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Workshop GARR 2017

This year, the GARR Netvolution workshop - Ideas, Technologies, and Services for the Community will particularly focus on network models and architectures, cybersecurity, digital identity, and cloud services. These are current topics that will impact the future of research networks both nationally and internationally in the coming years, opening new scenarios for users and their reference communities.

During the workshop, discussions will revolve around network, security, identity, privacy, and data protection, not only from a technical standpoint but also concerning the policies to implement. The event will provide an opportunity to analyze the usage of the GARR network, the upgrades that have been made and are currently underway, and to discuss new trends in technology, innovative network models, and how these will translate into the next generation of networks. Additionally, new IaaS and PaaS services available on the federated GARR cloud will be presented, open to participation by all, and the initial usage experiences will be shared.
This year, ample space will also be given to working groups and training, with proposals for tutorials and seminars related to the workshop's themes.

Workshop GARR 2017

CNR, sede centrale - Istituto Superiore di Sanità



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