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Best Wishes from GARR

Pubblicato il 22 December 2020

In occasion of GARR annual Staff meeting, held online this year, GARR Director Federico Ruggieri shared a message dedicated not only to the GARR staff, but also to colleagues from the Research and Education community in Italy and workdwide.

A year like no other... At GARR

"Dear colleagues, this year's season greetings are especially heartfelt for us. 2020 was a difficult and challenging year for all of us, one that put our resources to the test and forced us to adapt. We believe networks and digital infrastructures helped to bridge the social distancing we were forced into. We are proud to have helped to keep us all together as a community in this time of need, and to support researchers who are our best chance to go back to normality soon.
We'd like to wish you a pleasant and safe Christmas with your most loved ones, and above all a new year when we will be able to meet each other again. While this happens, the network will keep us close.