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Lepida and Mix connected at 100 Gbps in collaboration with GARR

Pubblicato il 04 March 2022

The direct connection between the network of the Emilia-Romagna, Lepida, and the main Italian Internet Exchange, MIX, is now operational.

The link with a capacity of 100 Gbps was created thanks to the collaboration with GARR and runs along the A1 highway, from Piacenza to Milan where the MIX headquarters are located. Recently, MIX has also become operational in the Lepida spaces in Bologna.

Lepida is also present in another exchange point, the VSIX, the Internet Exchange promoted by the University of Padua. In this case, the link follows another path along the A13 highway (Bologna-Padua).

This new connection, which ensures high reliability thanks to the double link, is the result of the collaboration with GARR network and of Lepida’s presence both at MIX and VSIX with its own transmission infrastructure that can carry up to 96 wavelengths at 200 Gbps.

With this operation it is now possible to rely on a new 100-Gbps link between the two Internet Exchanges and have more redundancy.

At first, the 100-Gbps links between Lepida and MIX will be made using the "alien wavelength" technology used by GARR back in 2017, which consists on the insertion of "alien" signals in the optical spectrum and transport through the GARR transmission network.

Afterwards, the transport of the 100-Gbps channels on the GARR network infrastructure will take place through DCI (Data Center Interconnect) solutions directly managed by GARR.

These interventions bring tangible benefits in terms of latency and greater bandwidth availability to all organisations in the area, providing a much needed scalability.

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