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How does the internet work? recordings of the event are now online

Pubblicato il 22 June 2022

Trieste and the Internet: a perfect match. For two weeks the city hosted two international events on the theme of research and of the governance of computer networks.

From 13 to 17 June 2022 it was the time for TNC22, the annual gathering of world research networks, while from 20 to 23 it was the turn of EuroDIG, the open and multi-stakeholder European conference for the exchange of views on the Internet and its management.

Thanks to the simultaneous presence of so many Internet experts, an open meeting was organised to discover closely how the Internet works, who governs it and what are its rules. This event, entitled "How the Internet works Discovering the Internet guided by who really builds it!", took place on Saturday 18 June at the Trieste Urban Center Innovation Hub.

The guides of such a fascinating journey are the main protagonists of the creation of the Internet, true pioneers of the networks.

Among the guests of the event: Avri Doria of the ICANN Board of Directors, with her vision of a multi-stakeholder model for Internet governance; Sandra Hoferichter and Elisabeth Schauermann of EuroDIG with a speech that sheds light on whom really manages the Internet and the role of individuals in controlling infrastructures; Magdalena Rzaca of the European network GÉANT who presented the role of digital highways at the service of those who do research and, remotely, Claudio Allocchio, of the national research network GARR, who introduced the Italian high-speed research infrastructure and how it is it is interconnected in the Friuli Venezia Giulia area with the LightNet regional network.

The event, promoted by the Municipality of Trieste, saw among its partners: Europe Direct Trieste, ICTP International Center for Theoretical Physics, Géant, GARR, LightNet, EuroDIG and TNC22.