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GARR chooses young talents: the first edition of the GARR DevOps Academy is underway

Pubblicato il 12 September 2022

GARR Academy is the new programme dedicated to the selection and training of the talents in the ICT area.

The Italian research network GARR, one of the most innovative technological realities in the Italian research panorama, has always been very commetted to training, in fact it renews its commitment in the area selecting 12 young talents with high school diploma, ITS diploma or degree in disciplines technical-scientific to be admitted to the GARR DevOps Academy: a free and full immersion training course lasting 120 hours, divided into 4 weeks to learn specialized skills on ICT issues.

"GARR strongly believes in investing in young people and, over time, the numerous training courses provided and the Orio Carlini scholarships that we offer annually have been a real springboard for many of them, who have been able to get in touch and compare with leading international experts ”declared the GARR director, Federico Ruggieri. "The Academy is a further step towards direction and a unique opportunity to be able to train in this area, side by side with specialized personnel in order to learn key skills that are currently required by the labor market".

The most deserving students will have the opportunity to immediately become part of the GARR team. In particular, the GARR DevOps Academy will train young DevOps Engineers: specialized figures in the development, management and evolution of ICT services with the most modern quality standards. The training course will also include moments dedicated to strengthening the soft skills of the candidates.

The GARR DevOps Academy will take place in Rome at the GARR headquarters from Monday to Friday with full time hours. The call will close on 3 October 5 October and the start of the courses is scheduled for 17 October 2022.

Here are the subjects that will be addressed during the course: Linux, Python base, Jinja template; Ansible basic and intermediate, Git and GitLab, Docker basic and intermediate; CI / CD workflow in GitLab; architectural software development with Kubernetes; DevOps methodology, focused on GARR services, team building, problem solving, delegation and Commerce techniques, workplace safety.

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