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GARR “Net Makers” workshop 2022 took place from 26 to 28 October

Pubblicato il 02 November 2022

Back in person after 2 years of online editions, the GARR "Net Makers" 2022 workshop was held from 26 to 28 October at the Santa Cecilia music conservatory in Rome.

The event had 260 on-site participants and almost as many registered for remote attendence, which led to over 1,800 views for session streaming on GARRtv, youtube and facebook.

The event was an opportunity to present the renewed GARR management, president Maurizio Tira and the newly appointed director Claudia Battista, and to celebrate 20 years since the founding of Consortium GARR as a sepatare legal entity. During the first day, we talked about the progress of the GARR-T network project and the migration to the new infrastructure, which in the days of the event saw the conclusion of its first phase, with the completion of the core PoP migration. Another session was dedicated to federated cloud. The second day opened with contributions dedicated to the management of the institutions' internal networks, and how and why to build wireless networks in universities. some large users, such as CISIA, FHT, SKA and ECMWF have illustrated their use cases, focusing on problems and solutions related to the management of large numbers and large amounts of data. We gave the floor to some of the infrastructural projects financed through the PNRR and talked about their activities related to high-performance computing and networks: among these, the National Center HPC Big Data and Quantum Computing and the TeRABIT project will allow to further extend the geographical reach of GARR-T. Finally, a special space was dedicated to the discussion on the inextricably connected issues of digital sovereignty and training: the importance of cultivating ICT skills within the university and research community was underlined in order to be able to choose wisely if, when and how to adopt third-party services, showing, numbers at hand, that outsourcing is not always the cheapest and most efficient solution.

The last day of the workshop was dedicated to the issues of security, identity and services: we talked about the evolution of DDoS attacks and of the measures to mitigate them, of the risks related to VoIP and DNS but also the important issue of raising awareness of risks and the training strategies to do it. With the speakers from AgID and the Department for Digital Transformation we saw some interesting news from the SingleSignOn world, and then we went into the news of GARR services, from URL GARR to Mini Data Centers.

The complete program is available on the event website, where all the materials and video on demand of the speeches will be published shortly. It is also possible to view the workshop sessions on ReteGARR Youtube channel.