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In memory of Stavros Katsanevas, one of the fathers of astroparticle physics

Pubblicato il 12 December 2022

On November 27, the renown physicist Stavros Katsanevas passed away. He had been director since 2018 of the GARR-connected European Gravitational Observatory (EGO), whose headquarters are based in Cascina, near Pisa.

Stavros Katsanevas was a man of extraordinary culture, not only in the scientific field, where he gave a fundamental contribution to the birth of astroparticle physics, but also in the artistic field where he developed in recent years reflections on the relationship between Art and Science and intense collaborations with internationally renowned contemporary artists, such as Liliane Lijn, Tomas Saraceno and many others. His commitment and his wide-ranging considerations in the cultural sphere and his interest in the diffusion of critical thinking and the involvement of citizens in scientific research have made him a point of reference in the European panorama on these issues. His passing is a great loss to our community and he will be greatly missed.