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GARR-T: halfway done

Pubblicato il 12 April 2023

The migration to the new GARR-T network infrastructure has entered a new phase. With Phase 3, activities in the Northwest regions have been completed, and the new network has arrived in Rome and Florence.

In the six months since the migration of the packet network, which started in October 2022, more than half of the new GARR-T infrastructure has been finished. The number of sites now connected to GARR-T accounts for 57% of all sites on the GARR network. At this point, 19 new network devices are operational in five cities: Turin, Genoa, Pisa, Florence, and Rome.

As a result of the latest operations, the total capacity of the GARR network backbone is now 14.4 Tbps

Among the most significant activities in Phase 3 is the upgrade of the Florence metropolitan network, created starting from a historic collaboration with the City and the University of Florence. The PoPs of the MAN have been upgraded from level 2, with a function of collecting and transporting local traffic to the higher level PoP, to level 3 thus providing a direct access to the GARR backbone. This brings the backbone closer to the end user with an overall improvement in network service.

Also, the new PoPs have been established in Rome, with two new points of presence at the Univ,ersity of Roma Tre, in Turin at the Politecnico di Torino, and in Genoa at the University of Genoa.