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Workshop GARR 2023: 7 -10 November t the National Central Library in Rome

Pubblicato il 29 September 2023

The official dates and location for the upcoming GARR "Net Makers" Workshop are out. This annual gathering takes place from Tuesday, November 7th (a day dedicated to training) to Friday, November 10th, at the National Central Library in Rome, located at Viale Castro Pretorio 105, 00185.

The workshop, organised by the Italian research and education network, has always been an important annual event for experts in networking within the university, education, and research fields. It serves as an opportunity for discussion and exchange on the most current technological topics, as well as for professional development and sharing ideas within the community.

This year's program highlights the new GARR-T network, but it also covers various other pertinent subjects, including network and cloud evolution, digital identities, cybersecurity, and service development models.

Further details about the event and registration opening will be posted on our website and across our GARR social channels (@retegarr - #wsgarr).