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Net:art I near in the distance 3

Net:art I near in the distance 3

net:art | near in the distance 3 is a spectacular networked live music and dance performance which will involve 6 cities worldwide: Linz, Barcelona, Praga, Rome, Hailuoto and Mumbai. Austria, Spain, Chzec Republic, Italy, Finland and India will unite on a multi-site virtual stage where musicians, singers, and dancers will bring to life a show which would be all but impossible without R&E networks.

The event will take place on 1 June and it is a part of the programme of TNC2017. The leading R&E networking event this year focuses on the marriage between art and creativity and the network. GARR will collaborate with Aconet, the Austrian NREN, and Music conservatory of Trieste to stage the Italian part of the event: musicians will be at GARR headquarters in Rome and play together with the other artists through LoLa, the low-latency system for HD audio and video transmission.

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