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The GARR Network and its services are dedicated to the Italian Research and Education Community. Currently, around 1200 sites, including research and documentation centers, universities, observatories, laboratories, libraries, museums and other infrastructures, for a total of over 4,000,000 end users, are connected to the GARR Network. Thanks to the collaboration of the APM (Access Port Manager) of all the sites connected to the network, it is possible to make available to users who work in the various institutions the services provided by GARR.

This vast community is destined to widen again, thanks to the interconnection of new structures belonging to the world of Research, Education and Culture, Schools, Academies of Art and Museums.

Below is a list of the structures connected to the GARR Network.

List of connected sites classified by type of Body.
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JANUARY Wednesday 18th 12.00 noon
FEBRUARY Tuesday 21st 2.30 pm
MARCH Thursday 23rd 2.30 pm
APRIL Thursday 13rd 2.30 pm
MAY Thursday 18th 2.30 pm
JUNE Wednesday 21st 2.30 pm
JULY Thursday 20th 2.30 pm
OCTOBER Monday 2nd 2.30 pm
NOVEMBER Monday 6th 2.30 pm
DECEMBER Wednesday 13th 2.30 pm


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FEBRUARY Wednesday 19th 12.00 noon
MARCH Wednesday 26th 12.00 noon
MAY Monday 26th 12.00 noon
JUNE Monday 23rd 12.00 noon
JULY Monday 28th 12.00 noon
SEPTEMBER Monday 22nd 12.00 noon
OCTOBER Monday 20th 12.00 noon
DECEMBER Monday 15th 12.00 noon


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JANUARY Wednesday 21st 12.00 noon
MARCH Wednesday 25th 12.00 noon
APRIL Wednesday 22bd 12.00 noon
MAY Monday 25th 11.00 am
JUNE Monday 22nd 12.00 noon
JULY Thursday 23rd 3.00 pm
SEPTEMBER Wednesday 23rd 3.00 pm
OCTOBER Thursday 29th 12.00 noon
DECEMBER Thursday 17th 2.30 pm


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JANUARY Thursday 21st 3.30 pm
MARCH Wednesday 2nd 2.30 pm
APRIL Tuesday 5th 2.30 pm
MAY Thursday 26th 2.30 pm
JUNE Wednesday 22nd 2.30 pm
JULY Thursday 21st 3.30 pm
SEPTEMBER Thursday 22nd 2.30 pm
OCTOBER Thursday 20th 2.30 pm
NOVEMBER Wednesday 23rd 2.30 pm
DECEMBER Thursday 15th 2.30 pm


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