Biomedical research

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Biomedical Research

The Italian biomedical community on the network

GARR provides ultra-broadband connectivity and computing and storage services to numerous institutions of the Italian biomedical research community.

In particular, thanks to an agreement between GARR and the Ministry of Health, it has been possible since 2005 to connect at high speed all the Institutes of Hospitalization and Care with Scientific Character (IRCCS) and the Experimental Zooprofilattici Institutes (IZS)

An infrastructure for scientific excellence

The GARR network is a highly capable and reliable network infrastructure able of responding to the specific needs of the biomedical community by allowing it to:

  • - promote research activities at national and international level and promote multidisciplinary scientific collaboration;
  • - enhance and disseminate research results, best practices and innovative ideas.

New ways to collaborate

Thanks to connectivity and GARR services, biomedical research institutes have the opportunity to cooperate in science and training through the transfer of high-resolution images, access to diagnostic files and collaborative environments and distance learning.

International connections

The GARR network has always been part of the European research network GÉANT to which it is connected with a double link of 100 Gbps capacity.

The GÉANT network connects about 50 million users in over 21,000 locations across Europe. These include around 2300 universities, 1900 research institutions and 400 non-university hospitals.

Thanks to this capillary system of interconnection with other research networks and thanks to the interoperability of protocols and services, Italian researchers have the opportunity to collaborate with partners all over the world.

Storage space and computing power for Big Data

The GARR network provides the biomedical community with high-capacity access to data centers that provide computing and distributed storage services that, regardless of geographic distances, allow to use 3D modeling and simulation techniques, to process diagnostic images with increasingly higher definition , manage the ever-increasing amount of data to be collected, organized and stored safely over time.

Share biomedical data in complete safety

Every researcher knows how important it is to access high quality biomedical data, collected and organized according to shared standards. Thanks to the ultra-broadband GARR connection the distances are shortened and it is always easier to exchange data on a global scale using the large databases present all over the world, without renouncing the requirements of security and confidentiality. The community of GARR users can in fact take advantage of a sophisticated authentication and authorization infrastructure that allows to share sensitive data with maximum confidentiality.