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Cartella Press Kit - English language

pdf Booklet FAQ ENG Popolari

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leaflet_faq-engBooklet - GARR and the NRENs Q&A about Research and Education Networks

pdf Leaflet What Is GARR? Popolari

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leaflet_whatisgarr-engLeaflet - Consortium GARR plans and operates the national high-speed telecommunication network for University and Scientific Research. All Academic and major Scientific organizations in Italy connect to the GARR network.

pdf Leaflet GARR Network Popolari

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leaflet_network-engLeaflet - GARR: the Italian Research and Academic Network
GARR-Giganet (GARR-G in short), the current generation of the Italian Research and Academic Network, is operational since the end of 2003.

pdf Leaflet ServiziGARR ENG Popolari

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leaflet_servizi-engLeaflet - GARR provides a wide portfolio of services dedicated to the Italian Research and Education user community

pdf Leaflet UserCommunity ENG Popolari

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leaflet_users-engLeaflet - The GARR network and its services are dedicated to the Italian Academic, Research and Education community. Currently, about 450 user sites, including Research Organizations, Universities, Observatories, Laboratories, Institute for Research in Health Care (IRCCS), Music Conservatories and Academies of Art, Libraries, Schools, Museums and other Scientific and Educational Facilities of national and international relevance, for overall more than 2 Millions end users.

pdf Leaflet IPv6 ENG Popolari

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leaflet_ipv6-engLeaflet - GARR makes available on its network IPv6, the next generation IP protocol and supports users in its  implementation. The new version of the protocol enables innovative network services and new  functionalities in applications.

pdf Leaflet FEDERICA ENG Popolari

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leaflet_federica-engLeaflet - FEDERICA’s experimental infrastructure will be neutral as to the types of protocols,services and applications that may be tested, while allowing disruptive experiments to take place without adverse effect on existing production networks. In its first phase, the project is focusing on creating the Europe-wide infrastructure and developing and testing mechanisms that achieve virtualisation or ‘slicing’ of the network resources, as well as mechanisms to control these processes.

pdf Leaflet IRCCS Eng-May09 Popolari

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leaflet_irccs-engLeaflet -GARR and the Ministry of Health signed an agreement for extending the provision of network connectivity and services to Scientific Institute for Research, Hospitalization and Health Care (IRCCS) for the period 2009-2011.