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GARR launches the new GINS

GARR has recently launched the new version of GINS, GARR suite including tools for network diagnostics, acquisition and display of traffic statistics, trouble tickets, flow analysis and reporting.

The new version was released after a



The GARR network employs leading-edge communications technologies, capable of offering the high levels of performance and reliability needed by the research and education community.

At the physical level, the network is


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Cloud Infrastructure

In addition to the network infrastructure, GARR operates a computing and storage infrastructure, on top of which the GARR Cloud Platform is developed. Through this platform, the research and education community can access


Technical contacts in Organizations

In order to ensure a constant and direct link between the technical and administrative services of GARR and the connected organizations, the latter are called to identify some reference figures:

The Rector Delegate for the GARR


Backbones and POP access

List of Backbones and PoP access points to the GARR Network
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Total number of Backbones: 155


National Digital infrastructure

The GARR network interconnects at ultra-high capacity universities, research centres, libraries, museums, schools and other education, science, culture and innovation facilities.

The fibre optic infrastructure is based on leading-edge


GARR Network Map

GARR Network Map
GARR Network Map - July
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