L’eruzione dell’Etna in diretta su

Etna's eruption live on

The TV channels of the Sicilian volcanoes, developed by the Italian National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV), transmit video images from the surveillance cameras installed on Etna and the Aeolian Islands with the aim of offering

... is online is online: the Italian website dedicated to the new framework program of the European Union for research and innovation 2021 - 2027.

Einstein Telescope

It's official! Italy on the race for the Einstein Telescope

Italy has formalised the proposal to build the Einstein Telescope in Sardinia, the third generation pioneering observatory for gravitational waves that will contribute considerably to improve our knowledge of the universe.

Commercial Networks

GARR offers its community a link to global internet through redundant connections with three of the main international operators, for an aggregate of 30 Gbit / sec, both in IPv4 and in IPv6.

In addition, connections


Regional and Metropolitan Networks

The GARR network interconnects with other networks at the local, national and international level, to facilitate data exchange between the research and education community and its partners. In addition to the usual connections with international